Activision has officially sent popular stat site Warzone a cease and desist over privacy concerns. According to various reports, the cease and desist was issued on March 22, ordering the website to be shut down by March 29. The Call of Duty publisher claims SBMM Warzone infringes on company copyright, violates their API term of use, and also breaks the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.

SBMM Warzone used Call of Duty API to collect and provide statistics to Warzone players. Stats included overall kills, deaths, and number of wins, with additional states hidden behind a premium membership. In addition, the site also granted Warzone lobbies with skill-based ranks, a feature that became incredibly popular in the absence of an official ranking system within Warzone.

SBMM Warzone posted an update on Twitter stating: “We’ve met Activision’s demand and have shut down our website. Your Warzone stats are no longer available. We still believe we can reach an agreement with Activision to provide you with the stats you love.” With the primary issue seemingly focused on privacy, the stat site is looking to officially partner with Activision.

In a video posted by the creators, they claimed that they “fully understand the privacy issue and its importance. We’re eager to find a solution that suits everyone: Activision, the Warzone players, and us. Most of all, we certainly don’t want to let down the community which has come to rely on us for their Warzone stats tracking. As we have said all along, we would be more than happy to talk to you about the modifications required to the site to become partners.”

At the time of writing, Activision has yet to respond to the video and has made no further comments on the issue.