Entering into the world of being an affiliate can feel like quite a jump in the beginning, especially if it’s your first foray into it. How do you know what will draw people in, keep your audience engaged and drive your sales? If you’ve followed gamers and streamers who are affiliates for other brands, you might have noticed some of the things they do that keep you going back to their channels. But recognizing what those practices are and implementing them on your own can still feel like quite the undertaking.

Thankfully, we’re here to help you in your endeavors. Here are the top 8 tips and tools we’ve found that make people excellent affiliates in the field:

1. Use authentic multimedia.
You know how everyone used to use posters in presentations? And then that changed to PowerPoint? And then came Prezi and then videos, then videos with buttons and graphics and additional audio and on and on. There are now so many ways to captivate an audience. You want to use all different kinds of media so you can attract different segments of your audience as well as tell the story of the products and your experience through whichever media best encapsulates the thing you want to get across.

2. Show your passion.
There’s a reason you are an affiliate. You’re a passionate gamer and want to turn your gaming into your business. Let people know! Passion is an innately attractive quality. It shows what drives us and what we care about. And when you share your passion with others, it draws people in and makes them want to listen up. Your passion for gaming is part of what makes you a better gamer. Similarly, showing your passion as an affiliate is also what will make you a stronger affiliate.

3. Vlog.
This is the age of video, and combining the thought and intention behind blogging on a regular basis with a video platform has proven to grow audiences immensely. Through vlogging, your audience can

  • Take in information much more quickly and easily,
  • Get to know you and your style personally, and
  • Connect with and respond to you directly in subsequent comments and discussions.

Today, vlogging is part of being a successful online presence and voice within your industry.

4. Do “unboxings” with features and benefits for your followers.
It’s true, we all love a good unboxing. But what makes unboxings more exciting? When your audience also gets to experience the thrill of a new thing along with you! By offering benefits along with your unboxing, your followers leave with a promise that they’ll get their own fun as a bonus of watching when they take advantage of the deals.

5. Stream consistently.
Consistency is key. In order to build anything, you have to be consistent with your work, and in today’s never-ending lineup, consistency in your streaming is what will allow you to breakthrough. It allows your audience to be able to count on you. If they know that you’re going to stream on a regular basis, they start seeing you as a legitimate presence. (Plus, if you’re consistently streaming in a way they like and you’re giving deals for products they might like, they are more likely to come back. A win-win all around!)

6. Don’t hard sell.
When you see a commercial for, let’s say, a candy bar, the candy bar company doesn’t simply say, “Here’s our product. Go buy it.” No, they say, “Here’s our new, tantalizingly delicious, unmissable delicacy that will make you dance through life, turn your gray skies blue and make everyone want to be your bestie!” They tell you why you should want the product, what it will change for the better, and how it can influence your life and the things you care about.

Obviously, you’re not selling candy bars. You’re selling something much better – gear that helps people game better and healthier as well as a game-expanding community that will welcome them. When you promote products as an affiliate, it’s not about you getting the sale, it’s about how the products and brand can help other gamers.

7. Make the products and brand a part of your life.
To really sell something well you have to get behind it 100%. It’s like when brands use celebrities to endorse their products. They know if you see someone you like and trust using a product, you’re more likely to trust the product, too. So when your followers see you using the products even when you’re not doing an unboxing or explicitly plugging the brand, then they will also be able to better trust your reviews and your stance as an affiliate. If Serena Williams did ads for Nike but then didn’t wear Nike during her matches, no one would believe that she is as an advocate for the brand. Same goes for you.

8. Be open about being an affiliate.
On a practical level, you must disclose your status as an affiliate seller if you are being paid by the company you’re promoting products for. A few years ago, Warner Bros. got into hot water with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for not disclosing the affiliate status of some of its paid influencers. Shortly thereafter, the FTC released guidelines for endorsement deals to make sure everyone got on the same page. In short, definitely let people know you’re an affiliate because it influences their decision-making.

Beyond that, being an affiliate is something to share openly and excitedly. It shows others your commitment both to gaming and to the industry on the whole, and it also shows that you are committed to your own brand, that your stake in the gaming profession is real. When your goal is to turn your passion for gaming into a real-life moneymaker, being a successful affiliate is a major step in bringing that dream to fruition.

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