We’ve all done it. We make a New Year’s Resolution and start it off. Then it falls on the wayside after a couple of months. But what if you got even more specific with that resolution and focused it around something you love? I think it’s safe to say if you’re reading this, you’re probably a Gamer with a capital G. Create a gaming New Year’s Resolution and make things a little more fun. It will also include something you’re probably already spending a lot of time doing, and then you’re more likely to stick with it.

There is a multitude of ways to include games in your resolutions. It can be fun to think of a common one like aiming to be more physically fit and thinking of ways to make it gaming-centric. There are also some resolutions that only a Gamer could do like tackling that pesky backlog. You could even try to make gaming part of your self-care routine. No matter the situation, there’s a way to achieve whatever goals you have in the New Year. 

Prioritize Your Backlog

The Dreaded Backlog. It sits quietly in the night hoping for someone to take a peek at them, but the attention never comes. It is something all gamers deal with but few of us tackle. It’s also a great place to start if you want a gaming New Year’s Resolution. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by it, take a quick look through and pick two or three games you’d like to prioritize playing in the next year. Maybe pick a gargantuan game like Persona 5 Royal. If that’s the case, maybe prioritize just the one. You could also focus on indie titles and try to follow up with shorter adventures like Into the Breach or Death’s Door. Keep a list of games you want to play and, if completion is your thing, make a list of the ones you beat on your phone.

Introduce a Friend to Games

We all secretly have friends we think would love video games if they gave them a chance. If you are wanting to strengthen your bond with your bestie or partner, try introducing them to video games. There are a number of couch co-op games if they’re local. You could tackle the recent Game of the Year winner It Takes Two or go for the long haul in a game like Divinity Original Sin 2. If you want something a little lighter or easier, play an old-school favorite like Donkey Kong Country on Nintendo Switch Online. If you are separated by distance, maybe an MMORPG like Final Fantasy 14 would be more up your alley. No matter what you pick, the goal is to have fun with your person.

Say No To Microtransactions (and Other Ways To Save Money)

If money saving is the goal for your gaming New Year’s Resolution, maybe it’s time to scale back on microtransactions and subscriptions. We all love making our characters look cooler or play stronger, but so many games prey on our wallets for that to happen. If you play a game that has a lot of microtransactions, it could be a good time to reevaluate if you really, really need to purchase those skins for twenty dollars. Cutting out subscriptions you’re not using or you feel aren’t giving you a great value is also a great way to save money. Prioritizing playing games in your backlog and not buying new games can also help!

Fam or Friend Fun Night

It’s easier now more than ever to create an online get-together with a group of friends or your family for a game night. If your family lives far away and you all have a Switch and Mario Kart 8, hop on a webcam service together like Zoom or Skype while you play and let the trash talking and fun begin. You could also do the same with Mario Party or one of the Jack in the Box games. This is, of course, also an option if your family or friend group is close. Playing a game like Overcooked with a group together in person provides a great blend of entertainment, teamwork, and maybe just a little frustration. 

Move Your Body

It can be hard to feel motivated to get moving in an effort to feel more active or fit, but you can pair it with the fun of gaming. Now is a great time to make your gaming New Year’s Resolution one surrounded around fitness. There is Ring Fit Adventure on the Nintendo Switch. It is an RPG that has you battling enemies by doing squats, jogging, and a whole other host of exercise techniques. There is also Just Dance if you are wanting to shake that body to some of today’s biggest hits. If you have access to a treadmill you could even play the Switch. Sit it on the shelf where the buttons often are and use the JoyCons while you run or walk. There are even ways being more physically fit can help improve your gaming abilities.

Play With the Mic On: Meet New Gaming Friends 

Are you hoping to meet more people in the New Year? If you play games online that allow you to use a mic to chat, speak up! You never know who you might meet. There is also a website dedicated to meeting people with similar interests called MeetUp.com. Depending on where you live, there might be active groups near you. If not, no worries, there are online events there too to connect with people. If meeting people online is your preference, it’s also easy to find gaming groups on Facebook to meet people. There’s likely even a group that’s specific to a series you love.

Spread the Love 

We all have our favorite games, but oftentimes, it doesn’t cross our minds to reach out and tell the creators. If you’re hoping to be a little more kind as part of your gaming New Year’s Resolution, tweet at, e-mail, or even send snail-mail if it is an option to your favorite streamers, developers, voice actors, and creators! A kind word goes a long way and you could make someone’s day. It’s especially uplifting for indie developers who are often more easily reached and have a smaller audience so your words have a better chance of reaching them. Get out there and spread the love! 

This Is Controversial, But Take Time Off

Sometimes it is best just to take a break. Gaming can be draining for many reasons. Maybe you played a game dealing with a heavy subject or perhaps someone was rude to you in your favorite online game. Sometimes we play games too much and need to pull back and focus on other things. No matter what happens, please know it’s okay to step back and focus on other things. Gaming isn’t going anywhere, and to be the best person you can be in games and otherwise, your mental and physical health is paramount.