Holiday shopping for gamers is not as difficult as it might sound — and it doesn’t have to break the bank. There are plenty of affordable options when you look beyond the consoles, controllers, and new video game releases. The gamers in your life will probably be equally as thrilled to receive accessories and other fun gaming goodies — feel free to get creative! Check out these stocking stuffers for gamers of all ages, consoles, and tastes. And when you’re done with this list, you can take a look at the 2020 stocking stuffers guide for even more ideas.

Xbox, PlayStation, Steam, or Nintendo gift cards

stocking stuffers for gamers gift cards

Chances are your gamer might have a looooong list of games they’ve got their eyes on, even if they don’t all make it to the holiday wishlists. Nintendo, PlayStation, Xbox, and Steam have a constant rotation of new releases, and it’s way too much to keep track of. Instead of spending $60 apiece on games, you could give gift cards for your gamer’s digital storefront of choice. That way, they can pick which game to buy.

In addition to eStore gift cards, you might also consider subscription cards for PlayStation, Nintendo, or Xbox online services. An Xbox Game Pass Ultimate gift card, for example, can cover one or a few months of your gamer’s subscription.

Blue light-blocking glasses

Blue light glasses stocking stuffers for gamers

Sitting in front of a screen for too long can take a major toll on the eyes. To promote healthy gaming and combat eye strain, you might consider buying a pair of blue light glasses for your gamer. They’ll be grateful to have a pair on hand for lengthy gaming sessions. Blue light glasses are especially perfect for PC and handheld consoles where someone might be extra close to the screen.

As a bonus, this gift is multifunctional! The recipient can use the blue light glasses for scrolling on their phone or working at a computer screen. You can find some great ones in the Ritual Motion shop!

Chocolate video game controller

chocolate controller

OK, I know this one is oddly specific. BUT, I received a chocolate game controller just like the one pictured in my stocking once and I thought it was so cute and creative. Plus, it’s perfect if your gamer is also a chocolate lover. It’s not exactly gourmet, but still yummy. You can find one on Amazon for $10.

Nintendo Switch carrying case

nintendo switch carrying case

This one is specifically for Nintendo Switch owners, especially those who travel frequently. There are tons of options out there for Switch carrying cases that hold the console, game cartridges, and even a charger. Plus, you can find one that matches your gamer’s style and needs. Amazon has a great case for just $14.

Gaming gloves

Finally, we have another accessory: gaming gloves/skins! Holding controllers for a while can start to hurt one’s hands, and gamers with carpal tunnel might experience wrist pain. Gaming gloves are a great way to keep wrists in good posture and add a cushion between the controller and the hands. Check out Ritual Motion‘s own line of gaming skins, built to provide compression and support for those long gaming sessions.

Happy shopping!