100 Thieves has been busy lately, and now the esports and gaming lifestyle organization has raised $60 million in its Series C push. The company is listed at a $460 million valuation. In the organization’s previous Series B round of funding, 100 Thieves earned $35 million. The major jump between the two rounds has been a result of 100 Thieves’ mission to do more in the industry. Most recently, it released its Foundations apparel line, giving everyone the opportunity to purchase 100 Thieves branded apparel without worrying about items selling out. In addition, the organization purchased gaming peripheral company Higround. Beyond that, 100 Thieves returned to the Call of Duty League and introduced the LA Thieves.

100 Thieves CEO Matthew “Nadeshot” Haag said: “I’m incredibly excited about the valuation, but it doesn’t stop here. Valuation is one thing, but delivering results in the future for our investors and our community and our board members is the number one goal. We really just want to build the most inclusive gaming brand that the world has ever seen. I think we’re well on our way to doing that.”

Chief Operating Officer and President of 100 Thieves, John Robinson, added: “The traditional answer from other competitors was they wanted to be the Yankees for video games. When I met Nadeshot, his ambitions were so much larger and the idea of what 100 Thieves could be was so different. It was the three core businesses of apparel, esports and entertainment. I thought that was tremendously compelling and differentiated from everything else that was happening in the gaming landscape. Matt was the only person in gaming that has the credibility to do something like that given his background in esports and content creation as well as his passion for apparel and fashion.”

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In addition to the brand’s collection drops, esports teams, and content, 100 Thieves recently partnered with Gucci in a capsule that dropped a $2500 limited edition backpack. Other major partnerships include Cash App and Lexus.