About Ritual Motion

Ritual Motion was originally formed in 2019 with the mission to develop content, products, services and experiences for the rapidly expanding gamer community. Since launching, the brand has reached tens of millions across its website, media promotions, social platforms, events and campaigns. With its latest offering, Ritual Motion GUILD, the company will now focus on building a robust create-to-earn, view-to-earn ecosystem to support the ever growing creator economy. 

Our Mission


...the positive growth of gaming and esports through the promotion of authenticity, diversity and inclusion.


...to the democratization of the Creator Economy for the gamer community.


...to always following our corporate credo: For the Good of Gamers.

A Growing Creator Community

Ritual Motion’s GUILD was designed to support the creator economy. This exclusive social sharing and collaboration livestream platform allows members to create, collaborate, and share content with a more deliberate and enhanced audience experience.

To-date, Ritual Motion’s GUILD has gathered close to 3,000 registered members, hosted almost 300 curated live video sessions, featured hundreds of creators and delivered more than half a million minutes of video content.

By creating a free account Ritual Motion GUILD members unlock the ability to:

  • Create and host live video sessions through a suite of easy-to-use tools.
  • Collaborate with the audience through chat, Q&A functionality, polls, and live video.
  • Share in a live networking experience.

Our Web 3.0 Evolution


Ritual Motion holds a unique market position.  We sit at the intersection of community, the creator economy and the emergence of Web 3.0.

Our vision is for Ritual Motion GUILD to become the preferred create-to-earn, view-to-earn platform where creators and viewers will build wealth in a decentralized and tokenized economy.

Learn more about our Create & View-to-Earn Vision