Ritual Motion is committed to supporting our vibrant community of gamers and esports enthusiasts by promoting health, wellness, diversity, and inclusion through content, products, strategic partnerships, and socially impactful events.

Our brand tenets influence all that we do from product development to the events we host, to the content we create for our audience and our strategic partners. We strive to:

  • Support & Educate
  • Engage & Entertain
  • Promote Diversity & Inclusion
  • Give Back


Dana Paul, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Bill Cesare, Co-Founder & Chief Growth Officer

Liz Murphy, Chief Marketing Officer

Ian Parkes, Brand Officer

Crystal Mills, VP of Content

Liz Stone, Director of Business Development

James Caprella, Varsity Program Manager

Jessica Storry, Director of Design

Chris Daft, Director of Operations